With our services, you get more than just attactive design; you get an aesthetic representation of your brand. We strive to create unique interiors that become the centre of attention in Milan, drawing crowds of visitors and strengthening your reputation.
Our team of talented professionals has extensive experience working with leading global brands. We know how to make your storefront perfect, enticing passersby to stop and enter. Our graphic design will highlight the essence of your product, making it distinctive and memorable.

We are Wooo & we are a multifunctional independent design studio.
We are WOOO, a design studio that embodies the spirit of modern and creative design in Milan. We specialize in graphic design, interior design, visual merchandising, and product design. Fresh ideas, bold concepts, and cutting-edge technologies set us apart from the rest.

We work closely with you, listening to your needs and goals, to create a design that precisely captures your vision. We draw inspiration from modern trends and the iconic imagery of Milan, transforming them into visual narratives that breathe life into your businesses.
We don't limit ourselves to Milan alone. We bring our design expertise to other cities across Europe, elevating your brand to new heights. Be bold, with us, you can create spaces that speak for themselves and capture the hearts of customers.
WOOO is all about strength, style, and creativity in every project. Entrust us with your design, and we will turn your dreams into reality.



  1. Development of concepts and designs for store displays and interior spaces.
  2. Determining the optimal placement of merchandise and decorative objects.
  3. Selection and installation of lighting and sound elements to create the desired atmosphere in the store.
  4. Development of layouts and prototypes for store displays and interior spaces.
  5. Installation and assembly of store displays and interior spaces.
  6. Training store staff on the basics of visual merchandising and maintenance of displays and areas.
  7. Consultations on updating design and organizing store displays and interior spaces.
  8. Store planning and project management for branded retail outlets.
  1. Market research and analysis.
  2. Concept creation.
  3. Product design development.
  4. Creation of product prototypes.
  5. Prototype testing.
  6. Final finishing and design refinement.
  7. Development of technical documentation.
  8. Product manufacturing preparation.
  9. Monitoring product manufacturing and quality control.
  10. Package design and product branding.
  1. Development of design concepts.
  2. Space planning and organization.
  3. Creation of interior design (color schemes, material selection, furniture, decor, etc.).
  4. Design of lighting and electrical systems.
  5. Creating 3D models and project visualization.
  6. Preparation of technical documentation for project implementation.
  7. Monitoring the project implementation process.
  8. Selection and procurement of materials and equipment.
  9. Project management and coordination of contractors.
  10. Selection of high-quality and stylish furniture and accessories for the interior.
  1. Development of marketing and branding strategy.
  2. Creation of a unique branding (logo, color scheme, typography, etc.).
  3. Development and implementation of marketing campaigns.
  4. Market and competitor analysis.
  5. Identification of target audience and creation of personas.
  6. Creation of a persuasive website, landing pages, and web pages.
  7. Development of marketing content (articles, videos, photos, etc.).
  8. Social media management and online promotion.
  9. Organization and implementation of events and promotional activities.
  10. Analytics and reporting on the results of marketing campaigns.

CILA (Comunicazione di inizio lavori asseverata)
"CILA" stands for "Comunicazione di inizio lavori asseverata", which is a mandatory notice of the start of construction work in Italy. It is required for unplanned repair work without modifying the building's structure. This notice is typically submitted to the relevant municipality or building authority prior to the commencement of any construction work. The purpose of the CILA is to ensure compliance with building regulations and safety standards.

We are issuing a mandatory notice of the start of construction work in Italy, which is required for unplanned repair work without modifying the building's structure.
  • Documentation compilation: Preparation and submission of documents for notification of the start of work, including project and cost estimation.

  • Coordination with government control bodies: Municipal administrations and departments of urban planning, to obtain necessary permits and approvals.

  • Ensuring coordination between designers, contractors, and the client to guarantee project compliance with safety standards and regulations.
  • Consultations: Providing consultations and recommendations on all questions related to CILA and construction in general.

We are the team
Our team consists of highly skilled specialists in the field of interior design and architecture, industrial design, and branding.
  • Tim Vedeshkin
    Founder & Art Director
    An experienced architect and interior designer, boasts over 15 years of expertise, spanning projects in various countries, including Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Indonesia, and Thailand. Throughout his career, Tim has collaborated with leading factories and manufacturers, aiming for the highest standards of material quality and technical equipment in his projects.
    Beyond his professional endeavors, Tim shares his extensive experience and knowledge with the next generation of design professionals. Currently serving as an instructor for a branding course at the State Pedagogical University, he imparts his passion for design to the upcoming generation.
    His design philosophy goes beyond functionality and aesthetics. Tim believes that design should be emotionally engaging and meet environmental standards. When working with clients, he strives to create unique and sustainable solutions that exceed their expectations.
    All his efforts stem from a commitment to excellence in design, making Tim Vedeshkin a prominent advocate for a creative and responsible approach to architecture and interior design.
  • Sofia Chicherina
    Product & Interior Designer
    A luminary in the realm of design, carves her path as both a Product and Interior Designer. Sofia's journey unfolds with a Master's in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano, a testament to her commitment to excellence.
    A creative force to be reckoned with, Sofia has lent her design acumen to collaborations with industry giants such as Molteni, Rubelli, and Tato. Her expertise transcends disciplines, seamlessly blending product design with the artistry of crafting captivating interior spaces.
    Since 2015, Sofia has been a cornerstone of InteriorBe, a vibrant community uniting Italy's architectural and design talents. Within this dynamic collective, she specializes in steering online projects, leaving an indelible mark on diverse commercial and residential spaces.
    Qualifying as an architect in MILAN_2018, Sofia has called Italy home for over a decade. Noteworthy among her achievements is the creation of a comprehensive visual merchandising book for Carlo Pazolini, embodying the essence of the brand's corporate identity.
    For over four years, Sofia's prowess shone as a Visual Merchandising Coordinator and Store Planner at Carlo Pazolini. Her meticulous planning and execution extended to high-profile events like Fashion Week, VFNO, and Christmas showcases.
    Beyond her design exploits, Sofia is a dedicated educator, imparting knowledge as a teacher of architectural graphics at AFC Studio Ceccarelli. Her commitment to education culminated in collaboration with Dr. Checcarelli, resulting in the development of a groundbreaking Guide for the State Examination in Architecture/Engineering, published in December 2019.
    In the world of design, Sofia Chicherina stands as a beacon of innovation, seamlessly weaving together the threads of product and interior design to create captivating, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

  • Malika Novi
    Product & Interior Designer
    A visionary designer with roots tracing back to the cultural richness of Smolensk, Russia. Born in 1982, Malika embarked on her creative journey by immersing herself in the world of fashion design. Her formative years were shaped at Smolensk's professional school of fashion and the prestigious "Institute of Fashion Industry" (IIM) in Moscow.
    Malika's pursuit of artistic expression led her to explore the realms of Interior Design at Smolensk State University, where she graduated in 2011. The allure of Milan beckoned in 2012, and Malika seized the opportunity to further refine her craft. Her tenure at the renowned Brera Academy culminated in 2015, where she emerged as a distinguished Product Designer.
    Notably, Malika's dedication and talent garnered recognition in 2017 when she received a scholarship from the esteemed Cappellini Group. This accolade opened doors for her to partake in the Italian Product & Furniture Design Master's Course at The Istituto Marangoni Milano School of Design, further enriching her skills.
    Malika's design odyssey encompasses a diverse spectrum. Initially trained as a fashion designer, she seamlessly transitioned into the realm of interior design. A twist of fate led her to the Brera Academy, where her innate creativity flourished, eventually branching into product design.
    In her own words, Malika shares her design philosophy: "I develop concepts for lighting, furniture, and decor, along with engaging in graphic design, creating prints for wallpapers and fabrics." Her unique approach involves presenting projects to factories, with the

Our Partners
We take pride in our long-standing relationships with our clients and make every effort to support their businesses across various industries. Through our continuous drive for innovation and commitment to delivering high-quality services, our clients can trust in the reliability and stability of our partnership.
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