LED glass and aluminium pendant lamp
Designer Malika Novi
Collection Apple Mood
Apple Mood small
Led, 2,5W, 200LM, 2700K
Up to 200 cm 78,7 inch
Ø 11,5 cm 4,5 inch
H 9,5 cm 3,7 inch
Available in different variants and combinations.‎
Available also in Cluster version:
Apple Mood small cluster
Led, 2,5W, 200LM, 2700K
Up to 600 cm 236 inch
Ø 11,5 cm 4,5 inch
H 9,5 cm 3,7 inch
Aquarius Spa-Complex in Smolensk

Project Overview:
Our agency, in collaboration with the architectural firm "Krupny Plan," was involved in the creation of the Aquarius Complex in Smolensk. We developed the interior design, branding, naming, navigation, and produced the necessary volumetric advertising forms.
We created a unique interior design that combines elegance, functionality, and modern style. We developed the design concept and implemented it in comfortable and stylish spaces within the complex, including a spa center, swimming pool, and dental clinic.
We developed a branding concept for the Aquarius Complex, which included the logo, corporate identity, and marketing materials. Our team conducted market research to understand the target audience and created visually appealing materials that reflected the essence of the complex.
Naming and Navigation:
We devised a memorable name, "Aquarius," and designed a user-friendly navigation system within the complex to help guests easily find their way to different areas and services.
Our collaboration with the architectural firm "Krupny Plan" allowed us to successfully implement the architectural solution for the complex. Despite limited construction budgets and tight timelines, we managed to create an impressive and functional complex that reflects the style and requirements of the client.

The Botanical Garden is an advocate for the plants
The Garden contains 50 different gardens and plant collections. There is a serene cascade waterfall, as well as wetlands and a 50-acre (20 ha) tract of original, never-logged, old-growth New York forest.
Restaurant in Prague
Located within an 18th-century building, the Avenue restaurant in Prague spans the 1st and basement floors. The basement floor accommodates the kitchen, while the main dining hall on the second floor offers a generous space of 120 square meters. The interior design of the restaurant, crafted in a fusion style, combines various elements and styles, with professional input from the renowned Alex-Brut-architekt studio.
The interior exudes modern aesthetics, characterized by clean lines, a neutral color palette, and the use of natural materials such as wood and marble. The carefully selected furniture provides comfortable seating areas for guests, enhancing their overall dining experience.
With an emphasis on guest comfort, the restaurant features high-quality lighting systems and soundproofing, creating an inviting ambiance. The well-equipped bar area enables skilled bartenders to craft exquisite cocktails.
The exterior facade of the Avenue restaurant is an elegant and modern design that captures the attention of passersby. The outdoor advertising and branding reflect the exclusivity and luxury of the establishment. The restaurant also boasts a charming summer terrace, providing a delightful outdoor seating area where guests can enjoy their meals.
The brand identity of the Avenue restaurant showcases a stylish logo with sophisticated fonts and elegant design elements. From menus to product packaging, the entire range of branding materials upholds the restaurant's commitment to excellence and luxury.
Overall, the Avenue restaurant in Prague offers a spacious and stylish interior, blending modern and classic elements. The collaboration with the renowned Alex-Brut-architekt studio has contributed to the creation of a unique and appealing design. With its technical features, distinctive exterior design, and well-curated brand identity, the restaurant provides an exceptional dining experience. The addition of a charming summer terrace further enhances the appeal, allowing guests to indulge in delightful meals while enjoying the outdoor setting.

EATON Restaurant-Café in Maxi Shopping Center.
Our agency participated in the creation of EATON Restaurant-Café located in Maxi Shopping Center in Smolensk. Our goal was to create comfortable conditions for exceptional culinary experiences, considering that the seating areas are situated in a high-traffic zone.
Interior Design:
We developed a unique interior design that blends style, comfort, and functionality. Embracing modern trends, we created an atmosphere that reflects the concept of EATON. Various seating zones were organized to provide a comfortable environment for guests.
We developed a brand concept for EATON Restaurant-Café, including the logo and corporate identity. Visual elements were crafted with the target audience and the establishment's concept in mind.
Naming and Navigation:
We devised an attractive name, "EATON," and designed a navigation system to ensure easy movement and orientation for visitors within the restaurant-café.
Collaborating with Maxi Shopping Center and EATON Restaurant-Café enabled us to create an inviting space that combines comfort and exceptional service quality. Our team paid attention to every detail, ensuring that each guest feels special and can indulge in high-class cuisine within a cozy ambiance.

Retail Fashion Office
Project Description:
Our agency was involved in creating an office space for a retail fashion company. The office is located on the second floor of a commercial building and covers an area of 50 square meters.
Interior Design:
We developed a stylish and functional interior design that reflects the unique identity and image of the fashion brand. By combining modern elements with brand-specific features, we created an appealing atmosphere that fosters productivity and inspiration.
Spatial Planning:
We optimized the office space to meet the company's needs and provide comfort for employees. We divided the areas into workspaces, meeting rooms, and a reception area to facilitate effective collaboration and ensure privacy when needed.
Functionality and Ergonomics:
We carefully selected furniture and equipment to ensure comfort and ergonomics for the employees. Storage solutions and workspaces were organized to optimize workflow and enhance usability.
Our agency successfully executed the office project for the retail fashion company, considering the brand's characteristics and client's requirements. The result is a stylish and functional office space that promotes efficient work processes and creates a positive brand image.

Miravilia show-room
Case Study: "Miravilia" Project - Italian Luxury in Every Detail
"Miravilia" project, an Italian fashion store located in the heart of the city. Our task was not merely to create a shopping space but to encapsulate the ambiance of Italian luxury in every aspect of the interior, facade, and entrance.
The "Miravilia" store was seeking a partner capable of crafting a unique space that would reflect their Italian heritage, style, sophistication, and attract customers.
Our team of designers and architects took on the challenge of a complete transformation of the "Miravilia" store.
  • Interior: We designed an interior that embodies Italian charm and elegance. Neutral colors, natural materials, Italian furniture, and decor created an atmosphere of comfort and luxury, accentuating the finest qualities of Italian fashion.
  • Facade and Entrance: We preserved the historical character of the facade while giving it a fresh appearance with new elements in Italian style. The entrance area became a vibrant signature feature of the store, significantly enhancing its appeal.
The "Miravilia" project became a revelation for its customers. The store evolved into a magnet for lovers of Italian fashion, not only through its diverse product range but also its inspiring ambiance. The "Miravilia" case study is a testament to how interior design and facade enhancement can transform a store into a true work of art that reflects the brand's style and elegance.

Children's Club "Mini Mood"

Task: Development of the concept, corporate style, interior design, architectural project, logo, and branding for the "Mini Mood" children's club.
Description: "Mini Mood" children's club is a special space for "analog" play and children's development. The core concept is a miniature city for children, where little ones can find activities on their own. There are toy shops and cafes, toy filling stations, toy roads with cars, a toy school, and a toy police station – everything to have a fun time with friends in a toy city.
The concept idea was inspired by the space itself. "Mini Mood" children's club is located in a building within one of Smolensk's oldest and most famous shopping centers, "GAMAYUN," in an open space that's easy for kids to move around in. In turn, parents also feel comfortable because their children are always in sight.
For the interior design of the children's city, only calm colors and natural materials were used. The entire "Mini Mood" space was designed in pastel tones to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for both children and parents.
The children's mini-city was designed with 12 play mini-zones: a shop, beauty salon, cafe, flower shop, atelier, school, park, gas station, construction site with countless bricks, service station, police station, and hospital. There is also an active "fire brigade" area with a slide, a hanging ladder, filled with balls like a dry pool. In addition, the mini-city includes two separate rooms for hosting children's birthday parties, a stage, and a cafe.
For "Mini Mood," we developed a logo and corporate style that are also in pastel tones and, in our opinion, perfectly reflect the essence of the idea.
"Youth House" Contemporary Art Gallery
Main Objectives:
  1. Supporting Contemporary Art: Developing an interior design that inspires and promotes contemporary art, making it more accessible to the younger generation and a wider audience.
  2. Functionality and Flexibility: Creating a space that can easily adapt to various types of exhibitions, workshops, and cultural events.
  3. Aesthetics and Comfort: A design that combines modern aesthetics and comfort for visitors and artists, making the "Youth House" Gallery suitable for extended and inspirational visits.
Project Description:
Our team had the pleasure of working on the interior design project for the "Youth House" Contemporary Art Gallery. The gallery serves as an oasis for contemporary art, attracting both emerging artists and seasoned masters, while providing a unique space for exhibitions and creative events.
  • We have created a modern and functional interior design that embodies contemporary art in every detail.
  • The space has become more open and welcoming to both artists and visitors, attracting new and experienced creative individuals.
  • The interior design of the "Youth House" Gallery supports the unique creative needs of each exhibition, making it a place of art and inspiration.
The interior design project for the "Youth House" Contemporary Art Gallery was executed with a keen focus on modern artistic trends and the needs of the young and creative audience. We take pride in creating a unique space that supports contemporary art and contributes to its development.

"Claws and Tails" Lobster Eatery

Brief Project Overview:
Completion Date: [Specify the date]
Main Objectives:
  1. Thematic Design: Creating an interior that exudes a maritime atmosphere and emphasizes the theme of lobsters and crabs.
  2. Comfort and Functionality: Providing comfortable conditions for guests and the eatery's staff, including cozy seating and efficient service.
  3. Aesthetics and Style: Developing an interior design that combines style and aesthetics, raising the standards for establishments of this kind.
Project Description:
In the interior design project for "Claws and Tails," our goal was to create a space where visitors could enjoy exquisite seafood in a cozy and enjoyable atmosphere. "Claws and Tails" specializes in serving lobsters and crabs, and we aimed to ensure that the interior design reflected this theme.
  • We have created a maritime atmosphere using appropriate color schemes and decorative elements.
  • The eatery's space has become comfortable and functional, enhancing the dining experience and social gatherings.
  • The interior design of "Claws and Tails" emphasizes the theme of lobsters and crabs, making it recognizable and attractive to visitors.
The interior design project for "Claws and Tails" successfully embodies a maritime atmosphere and a high level of comfort. This project not only satisfies the tastes of visitors but also supports the theme and recognizability of the establishment.

Green cafe
Main Objectives:
  1. Thematic Design: Creating a comfortable and functional interior that reflects modern design preferences while utilizing a mix of eclectic styles, including functionalism, minimalism, constructivism, and colonialism.
  2. Custom Furniture Manufacturing: Crafting exclusive furniture pieces to complement the interior design concept and ensure functionality and style.
  3. Branding: Developing a cohesive brand identity for "Cafe Green" that resonates with the eclectic design and the café's overall concept.
Project Description:
The primary objective of this project was to delineate functional zones within the café's interior and decorate them accordingly. Based on the layout and preferences, we aimed to create a comfortable and functional interior that meets contemporary design standards. To achieve this, we incorporated styles such as functionalism, minimalism, constructivism, and colonialism, unifying them through color, form, texture, and layout. This combination allowed us to achieve an eclectic design.
Eclecticism, in this context, refers to the use of mixed stylistic elements or the combination of items from different origins, styles, and time periods. Eclecticism offers a broad freedom of choice, extending to the emulation of high artistic masterpieces, i.e., stylization.
One of the project's primary styles is functionalism, characterized by well-thought-out, rational solutions, strict adherence to requirements, compact volumes with clearly defined frameworks, and technical clarity of forms. The furniture is mobile and functional, featuring either sleek rectangular shapes or softened proportions that align precisely with the contours of the seated individual.
The spatial composition of the café is defined by its layout and the adopted functional program. This, in turn, influenced the color scheme, room finishes, decorative elements, and lighting. The entire process was oriented toward adhering to ergonomic principles to create optimal conditions for visitors.
The main constraint of the project was the presence of load-bearing walls throughout the space, with no room for structural changes.

 SMIT Group office
Main Objectives:
  1. Functional Space Integration: Unifying two fundamentally different departments of the factory under one roof, with the first-floor housing a product research laboratory and the second floor accommodating the sales department.
  2. Laboratory Design: Creating an efficient and comfortable open-space format for the laboratory, which required the implementation of acoustic measures and functional zoning.
  3. Acoustic Solutions: Addressing acoustic challenges, including sound absorption, in areas with PC workstations.
  4. Vibration Control: Mitigating low vibrations from laboratory equipment by using Spanish-produced natural wool wallpaper made from 100% wool.
Project Description:
SMIT Group is the largest producer of polyurethane-insulated pipes for district heating in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), with branches throughout Russia. The project's main feature is the combination of two fundamentally different departments of the factory in a single building. The first floor houses a product research laboratory, while the second floor serves as the sales department.
The laboratory project was conceived in an open-space format, but several acoustic traps and functional zoning techniques were applied to maximize efficiency and comfort. To eliminate low vibrations from laboratory instruments, the adjacent walls were covered with natural wool wallpaper, which is a Spanish product made from 100% wool. Special acoustic ceilings from the Swiss company Ecophone were used to address sound absorption issues in PC workstation areas.
In the Mebius Group workshop, components of the central staircase and ceiling cladding were manufactured and assembled.
The interior design project for SMIT Group successfully united two distinct departments within a single building. The laboratory's open-space format was enhanced with acoustic measures, functional zoning, and vibration control, resulting in an efficient and comfortable workspace.